Prof. Filderoy Snoghart



Prof. Delphi Truelong

Seer, reader, diviner, and interpreter.

Born: March 20

Species: Human born from a witch mother and a muggle father.

Hobbies: Knitting, out of body experiencing, and yoga.

Although not all students will possess the gift of Divination, knowledge of and, where possible, mastery over what gifts one has been given when it come to the third eye (known by practitioners as the Inner Sight) is a meaningful tool for the aspiring witch and wizard.  This introductory class will offer a survey of the tools and approaches used for Divination including: tea leaves, water scrying, tarot, bones, dream interpretation, crystal ball, and possibly others at time permits.  One must not rush one’s education when it comes to Divination.

Students are expected to bring:

Parchment and quill;  Wand;  What third eye one possesses and

an open mind

Divination knowledge will be one of the topics covered by the B.A.T. Examination given on Saturday.  As this is a foundation course you will not be asked to practice or prophesy but general knowledge of the discipline is expected for success on the Examination.