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Prof. Pummery Sprig

Head of the Herbology Dept.

House Head of Rufflescrubb

Born: Dec 10

Species: human, from a wizarding family

Hobbies: offensive botany

During class we will learn various domesticated plants that can be found in the garden, and learn simple charms that relate to the care of and (in some cases) defense from plants.

Each student is expected to bring wand, notebook & writing instrument (gloves and earmuffs are not needed this year) as students will be examined on their herbology knowldege and creativity during the B.A.T.'S on Saturday.

House Vesperion

Prof. Saverin Snape

House Head of Vesperion

Familiar: bat

Born: None. Of. Your. Business.

Blood Status: full blood


Most often found in the dungeon of House Vesperion, Prof. Snape spends most of his days teaching potions class and mulling over new potions or how best to improve existing ones.

Join our potions master in the dungeon (Meeting Room B) of the House Vesperion dwelling (West Family Lot) for a journey into the world of potions. Dark and mysterious (both the classroom and the instructor), the potions classroom shuts out any light from the outside world where curious things simmer, bubble and vapors from a cauldron reach out and creep across tables and floors. Be on your best behavior, for any tom foolery or *not*paying*ATTENTION* will not be tolerated and could cost you house points.

Each student is expected to bring:


    notebook and

    a writing instrument