Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is Hoggstowne?

This unique event is held at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill which is located in the heart of the Bluegrass Region near Harrodsburg, Kentucky, less than 30 miles from Lexington. Complete directions can be found here. This is the first event held here but the long range plans are to host another “class” every 2 years.  Keep watch on the HoggsTowne Gazette as this site will be the place for all announcements now and in the future.

What is Hoggstowne Village of Witchcraft & Wizardry?

It is a Potter-themed convention that includes magic classes, workshops, banquets and activities set in the rolling hills of Kentucky, a magical environment. And what school would be complete without final exams??

When can I register for Hoggstowne?

As with our Middle-Earth event where we have been known to sell out over a year in advance, you can sign up for the next event whenever you see the Enrollment page.

You can register right here.

How do I book a room?

With our event, you will be staying on site. You can book your room(s) right from our web site. Once you have registered (enrolled) there will be a Housing section where you can select your room and provide all the info needed by Shaker Village.  You must enroll and receive your registration number in order to send a Booking Request.  Be patient, the professor is working hard to process your requests within his normal working day.

What about meals?

Throughout the event, eleven meals are fully catered by Shaker Village, …should you choose to add them to your ticket.  We are some 8 miles from town or the nearest food establishment, but if you so desire to travel that is up to you. You will have the chance to tell us about any food allergies or dietary issues during enrollment.  Two to three months before the event, we start planning the menu based around any dietary issues presented.  There are always meat-lovers and vegetarian entries.

Can the Hoggstowne event sell out?

There are limited rooms at Shaker Village. Late registrations may discover that all on-site rooms have been taken and may be obliged to get a room in the nearby town of Harrdosburg, some 7 miles south of the event site. Also, due to the size of the Village, there are only a limited number of tickets (170 total). Once we have sold those tickets we will be working on a waiting list.

Is Hoggstowne a family friendly event? Can I bring children?

Yes, but certain events may not be suitable for young children and all children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult. Not to say Hoggstowne is “ADULT” oriented content but activities geared toward the bigger kid in all of us.  A serious note about the event:  Even though it states “witchcraft and wizardry”, this event is 100% fantasy and in no way is a practice of witchcraft.

How much is the ticket to Hoggstowne?

We have created a “build your own” ticket.  There is the base ticket which covers the main expenses. Then you can add any or all meals offered during the event. All the current prices can be found on the Enrollment page as you register for our Fall Term.

Is there parking at the village?

Yes. There seems to be more than enough room for everyone.

Can I take pictures and/or videos during the event?

Yes, we encourage everyone to capture as many images as they please, but the organizers reserve the right to use any images taken at Hoggstowne for future use.  There is also a YouTube channel to upload video and photos for all to share.

When will the schedule be released?

As soon as we have enough information to post one and there will be a copy for download. There are many house elves and wizards working very hard to this end even as you read this.

What will the weather be like in Hoggstowne Village?

Who can say, but you should prepare for mild days and cool evenings, as several events take place outdoors. A good cloak is recommended. Also, bring along something should it rain and a light source. Regrettably, candles (open flames) are not permitted at Shaker Village.

How can I become a volunteer at the event?

Simply ask the Headmaster or Professor Flipwick.

Do I have to be in costume at the event?

No, but many of the attendees don a costume (or so it is called) for the event or during the evenings. The Headmaster usually asks that everyone ‘dress appropriately’ for dinner and the Harvest Ball on Saturday evening, but it is not mandatory.

Are there ghosts at Shaker Village?

Perhaps. Many past attendees have reported strange happenings, and the Headmaster, who had a great-grandfather who lived there once, has heard stories of hauntings there all his life.  


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What if I still have questions?

Ask the Headmaster or Professor Flipwick here.