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      illage Library is the place to learn all there is to know about Hoggstowne. No matter if you are New to the Village or you wish to read up on the Staff or look over school Terms & Policies. The Library is the only place to find your way around the village with Maps.

   The Hoggstowne Wizardpedia is new and now open. It can be found on the shelves in the Library. If you have attended a school term at Hoggstowne, then you may add or update your information in the Wizardpedia.

   Many Frequently Asked Questions are easily answered with the correctly chosen book from the Library.

   So heed one bit of advice and do not overlook the Library.

     Hoggstowne Village of Witchcraft & Wizardry opens its gates to the public for the second time. The second ultra-condensed school term open to students of non-Hoggstowne residence will be held in 2019 on village grounds. Learn more about the Curriculum planned for classes and the professors teaching them to the daily schedule. If you think you have what it takes, and we already know whether you do or not, receive your acceptance letter by owl post and complete your enrollment. Tuition and meal prices will be shown there too.

Nook & Cranny

    Since Hoggstowne Village is opening its gates for the educational experience, the Nook & Cranny will have on hand the official Hoggstowne notebooks, luminary writing utensils, official Hoggstowne memorabilia as well as other handcrafted goodies conjured by your fellow students and staff.  

   If you would like to be a vendor in the Nook & Cranny, see details here.

Use the Sign Up link at the bottom of this page to grab a table.

          fter you have settled into your rooms and been by the En-rollment table, the Nook & Cranny is your next stop. Not only is this our school term commissary, but also the location for checking in on any current announcements. You will also find the Owlry here to send notes and screachers.

House Prefect



House Teams


Frog Choir

The Few, the Proud:

The Volunteers

Sponsor-A-Seat …

We are continuing with campaign to purchase our own chairs for the Great Hall. No more renting the Muggle’s broken down seats.  But we need the student’s help.. Here’s your chance to leave your mark on Hoggstowne for future years to come.  Click here.


House Draconius  (Dragon)

  colors: scarlet & gold

House Hootenclaw  (Owl)

  colors: deep blue & brass

House Rufflescrubb  (Raccoon)

  colors: black & gold

House Vesperion  (Bat)

  colors: emerald & silver

FULL Enrollment by House HarvestBall invite.jpg FlyingCauldron.jpg

The wizarding pub located in the basement of

House Hootenclaw

Night time spot for



& Music

Will be open during the Fall Term from 9pm - 1am.

13 Tables  now Available. Seek this in a  cozy nook of the Nook & Cranny. Only 43 students permitted per house during school terms. CONFIRMED ONLY Empty 10 20 30 40 Fall Term ~ Yr.2

Sign Up

A note from the


   As your coordinators for this school term, we are here for you to answer what questions you may have along the way.  You will find all our contact information on the Administration page.

   We are sure you will enjoy your stay with us here at Hoggstowne Village.  Within these pages, you will discover all that you can expect from us and what the professors will expect from you.