Hoggstowne ~ A History

   Fleeing the persecution of the Salem Witch trails in 1693, a group of witches and wizards fled west beyond the reach of the colonists to begin a community of their own. After several failed attempts and relocations, the wayward group of wizards crossed the Appalachian Mountains and came into what was to become Kentucky (which was then still part of Virginia). The wizards found and settled in an area that seemed to possess its own magic, and when Daniel Boone passed through the area, he found the wizards already there, though they cast a charm on him and he continued on his way believing he had seen little more than a herd of curious-looking deer. Settling many miles away from the nearest muggle settlement, Hoggstowne was finally founded in 1805.

   Hoggstowne (for lack of a better name) takes its name from a popular sport being played at the time, in which a transfiguration spell would be placed on a hog, turning it into a ball. The object of the game was to procure the ball and run away with it while others tried to stop you. The winner was the one who broke the least amount of rules in the time it took onlookers to cook and eat a steak dinner. The ball was often thrown or kicked and at times the legs of the hog would be left on the ball so it could move of its own accord, adding an interesting dynamic to the game.

About Hoggstowne

   Wouldn't it be nice if you could enroll in a secluded wizarding village set in the countryside, attend classes in centuries-old buildings, feast on a banquet in a candlelit great hall, belong to one of four houses, fellowship with other students in your own common room, stroll down and relax on the banks of a shimmering lake, earn (or lose) house points, attend a wizard ball, visit a wizarding pub, shop in a wizarding shop, hear the howls of werewolves in a forbidden forest and hobnob with staff and students?

   Well, now you can.

   Hoggstowne Wizarding Village is the first-of-its-kind immersive experience where students not only enroll, but live, eat, sleep and breathe the wizardly way of life for 4 days in an authentic period village.  Hoggstowne Wizarding Village, for the first time in its history, are opening their doors to students from the outside world and offering a taste of the wizarding life to all. Learn, share and amass unique memories that will last a lifetime.

   Come to Hoggstowne Wizarding Village, a place where magic has no closing time.

   With interaction between muggles and wizards almost impossible, the young colony passed themselves off as a utopian society that was prone to dancing and even produced and sold many (non-magical) goods. In the meanwhile, a need was seen for a school and in 1807 the Hoggstowne School for Witchcraft & Wizardry was established, with Alexander T. Bates residing as headmaster (1807-1819).

   Gathering (enlisting, really) the most talented witches and wizards in the colony, the school began to make a name for itself among other wizard colonies and toward the mid-late 1800's, Hoggstowne saw its enrollment grow to the point that many new buildings were needed to facilitate the swelling ranks of students.

   The Civil War had a devastating effect on the colony, with both Union and Confederate armies calling upon the small colony for supplies, services and lodging, forcing the wizarding way of life far removed from the surface. After the war, the village and school struggled to get back onto its feet, but times had changed and muggles were a constant presence, so it was decided among the village elders to draw on their own history and change the village into a historic site that welcomed muggles by day and 'closed' at night to continue their wizarding way of life. This arrangement continues to this day.

   The Hoggstowne School for Witchcraft & Wizardry is today a well-established wizarding school once again and has students from all parts of the North American continent as well as overseas. It often plays host to visiting schools from such far-removed locations as Scotland, France, and Germany. It prides itself on teaching a wide selection of subjects and has become the one of the best wizarding schools in the west, second only to Salem.