House Hootenclaw

Founder ~ Harriet Hootenclaw

Animal ~ Owl

Head ~ Prof. Finnius Flipwick

Location ~ West Family Dwelling

Ghost ~ Luminous Liam - a ghost that lives in the basement bathroom that often ventures out to turn lights on.

It was Harriet Hottenclaw who began bookkeeping duties when Hoggstowne was founded. She assembled a staff of some of the brightest and learned witches and wizards in the village, and House Hootenclaw was born. They formed the business end of the many exports and expenses of the village and set up a Hoggstowne Bank for the changing of wizard-to-muggle currencies as well. When the school was started, it was the Hootenclaws who first laid out school doctrines, lesson plans and classes.   

House Hootenclaw thus recruits students who possess intelligence, wisdom, curiosity, wit and a high level of academic skills in most areas.

Their colors are deep blue and brass, the colors of the night sky and eyes of an owl.