House Rufflescrubb

Founder ~ Regina Rufflescrubb

Animal ~ Raccoon

Head ~ Prof. Sprig

Location ~ Old Ministry Workshop

Ghost ~ Warren the door Warden - a ghost that opens the doors - even locked doors, leading others to believe someone is coming in, only to find nobody there.

It may have been the Draconians who founded Hoggstown, and the Hootenclaws that planned it, but it was the Rufflescrubbs that built it. Regina Rufflescrubb planted the first garden, produced the herbs, and was a advocate for harmony between muggles and the wizarding community. The hard-working Rufflescrubbs set to raising a village out of the wilderness and produced many of the (non-magical) goods which gave the village its primary income. It was also the Rufflescrubbs who formed the first wizarding games in the village and cleared a field for the 'west-end pitch' where games are played to this day.

House Rufflescrubb is made up of students in which the traits of dedication, fair play, kindness, tolerance, love for nature, athleticism and hard work can be found.

Their colors are black and gold, for the color of the bands on their house mascot ( a raccoon, the only house to select a regional animal) and the color of grain in the field.