House Vesperion

Founder ~ Vincent Vesperion

Animal ~ Bat

Head ~ Prof. Saverin Snape

Location ~ West Lot Dwelling

Ghost ~ Wandering Wendel - a ghost that roams about the dwelling and is more often heard than seen, though he sometimes manifests at the most unwelcome times.

Upon the settling of Hoggstowne, it was Vincent Vesperion who, along with several others, advocated the separation from muggles altogether, including not allowing muggle-born witch/wizard children acceptance into the school. When he was met with resistance from a united front by the other houses, he and his followers attempted to succeed from the village, leading to a brief but intense civil war between houses before it was settled and he and his followers remained. However, Vincent built the dormitory for House Vesperion a mile and a half from the village proper, as a final sign of defiance.

House Vesperion is thus comprised of students who favor tradition, resourcefulness, cunning, ambition, and determination.

Their colors are emerald and silver, the colors of the moon on the wings of a bat and the deep envy other houses (reputedly) feel toward Vesperions.