REGISTRATION ~ Every attendee must register individually, giving each person their own unique registration number.

You will be notified by e-mail within 72 hours (wizard time) of the receipt of your registration.

Any emails you get from Professor Flipwick will begin with  “Greetings,” and never contain only a mysterious link to some website....unless there’s a lengthy description as to why he’s sending a link to begin with.  If you get a sketchy email, DELETE IT.

Any late breaking News can be found in The HoggsTowne Gazette.  When there are updates to the site, a blurb will be posted there.

Registrations ~ Notifications ~ Communications

Terms & Policies of your Event Membership

Invoice(s) for each registrant will be available in your own shared Dropbox folder shortly after your registration is processed. Please list your registration number and/or your registration name (not character name) on/with your payment(s). To complete your registration, you will be directed to a payment page to make your deposit via PayPal or Credit Card using the PayPal site.

We are also offering the payment plan again. Non-refundable Deposit of $25 and up to six (6) equal monthly payments or as many months till opening day less one (1) month. We offer manual payments via Check, Money Order, PayPal, Credit Card thru the PayPal site or automatic reoccurring Credit Card payments thru Intuit.   All balances MUST be paid no later than one (1) month before opening day. Anyone not paid by the deadline will be removed from the roster.  At this time all orders are put in, meals are ordered; this is the “no turning back” point.

If paying by Check or Money Order, make it out to Hoggstowne and mail to:


221 S. Main St.

Harrodsburg, KY 40330


Membership Payments

Our refund policy is as follows:

If you should cancel for any reason, you will be refunded what you have paid in to date less your deposit fee. We have made the deposit the same as the processing fee of prior events, thus reducing the amount of paper/accounting work for any cancellations.

However, once we are at the deadline point, we can only refund what hasn’t been ordered and paid by the event on your behalf. No refunds will be available 20 days prior to the event opening.

Room Cancellations:  Once a room within a group block is guaranteed by the individual, it will be treated as an “individual reservation” which includes a 48 hour cancellation notice. This also includes if someone wants to change their arrival or departure date. Otherwise they will be charge for all dates originally booked.  A credit card is required to secure/guarentee the room with Shaker Village.  The event staff no longer handles any room bookings or changes.

If the event is cancelled for any reason, you will be given a full refund up until Sept 1. Should the event be cancelled after this date, only a partial refund will be possible subject to the non-refundable costs that will have been assumed at that time. It can be said that none of our events have ever canceled to date.

If you decide to transfer your registration to another person there will only be an additional $15.00 USD transfer fee.  To transfer membership to another individual, the original registrant must email us with the name to whom the membership is being transferred.  The new attendee must register just like everyone else but select Transfer Membership in the Membership Type section of the Registration page.  An email will then be sent to both parties to confirm the change.

Day Pass Memberships:  This is not a “Day Pass” type of event.  Hoggstowne is a progressive style event where you come at the beginning and progress through to a completion of the last day.  Coming for only one day to Hoggstowne would be like only watching part of a movie and leaving.

Cancellations, Refunds, Transfers

We strive to keep this event ‘family friendly’ at all times. Which also means, as a magical community, we will not stand for any type of mistreatment in any way toward another member. Such misconduct can lead to getting barred from the online group, emails, Shaker Village and even escorted from the Village premises.

Though spirits, in many forms, are available on site, it is still requested to keep the consumption under control. It is the policy of Shaker Village that outside alcohol not be brought onto the property due to the restrictions of their liquor licence.  What you have in your private room is your business and no one will say anything about that, though alcohol is not permitted in any public area (family friendly, yes?).

Cell phones/cameras are welcome, although out here reception is spotty at best.  While in a panel or at the evening festivities, please put your ringer to silent or vibrate.  You are encouraged to take as many photos and videos as you wish.  Prof. Flipwick just asks that you send a copy to  to add to his vault and possible display here on the web site.

When it comes to our meals, it’s never been said we send anyone to bed hungry.  With that said, though the evening meals are served buffet style, it doesn’t mean it’s an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet.  For us to have the quality of food provided, the meals are counted as servings. Please don’t set out to see how high you can pile your plate.  There are several others behind you who may not get any because you took your serving and a couple other’s as well.  All we ask is everyone be mindful/respectful of those behind you.  Disregard in this manner could alter the way the evening meals are served for future events.

Codes of  Conduct While in the Village