Hoggstowne is a complete immersion into the wizarding world. Spend Wed.-Sun in a restored Shaker village hidden in the rolling hills of Kentucky some eight miles from muggle town. Stay in our houses, 11 fully catered meals during your complete stay (all tips & muggle taxes included), obtain your class schedule for eight magical classes offered over Thursday & Friday, be tested on your newly acquired knowledge during our B.A.T. exams on Saturday morning followed by games and our annual Harvest Ball on Saturday evening. Then be released and checked out on Sunday.


Standard Tuition:    $95.00

   Optional Meals

Buffet Breakfast:    $18.00

Grab-n-Fly Lunch:  $18.00

Banquet Dinner:     $29.50

    Through Hoggstowne is family friendly, the classes and events are geared more toward 16 and up..way up. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an enrolled adult.

Basic Rundown of the Fall Term


Arrive, Room check-in & settle in

check-in at the Enrollment Table

(Refer to the Maps in the Library)

Dinner & Orientation at 7:00pm

Thursday & Friday:

Assigned breakfast seatings

two morning classes


two afternoon classes

free time

Dinner at 7:00pm


Assigned breakfast seatings

B.A.T. Exams in the morning


Games, Fun & Free Time

Dinner at 6:00pm  

Harvest Ball 9:00-Midnight


Assigned Breakfast seetings;


Site Layout

Hoggstowne Gazette:

The best place to start. Many questions are answered here. Also find any update news.


Where else would you go to find the History of Hoggstowne, the Staff for the Fall Term, important Terms & Policies, Frequently Ask Questions, MAPS of the village and the Yearbook.


Everything related to the Fall Term: Info on the Professors & Classes; Schedule of events; first - Enrollment (registration); and THEN Housing (room booking requests).

The Nook & Cranny:  

Our online store for pre-orders of all official Fall Term Hoggstowne memorabilia. (Some general Hoggstowne items could be found on Campus).


Need to know how to contact the organizers? Duh.. <hehe muggle terms>

The web site is your best source of information.  You can also join us on Facebook for more discussions:  Hoggstowne Wizarding Village