Survival Tips

Things to Bring

-Items you need for your classes! Check the Hoggstowne curriculum under each class to see what items you will need. Some items may be found at the Nook and Cranny, but don’t count on it as stock is limited.

-Muggle clothes or wizarding wears that cater to a variety of weather. Fall weather can be unpredictable. You may find yourself sweating during the day and freezing at night and many of the events are outside or in buildings with no heating or cooling, so be sure to pack carefully. Most of us find a good cloak, hat, and a few layers are comfortable at night.

- Also pack for rain and outdoor activities. An umbrella or all weather cloak can do a lot of good.

-A camera! You will surely want to document this one of a kind experience so don’t forget those cameras! (moving photos or not!)

-Snacks if you need energy between meals. Hoggstowne meals are always magnificent, but some may find themselves peckish between meals and there aren’t a lot of options on site. So if you are so inclined, bring your own.

-A flashlight or lantern. We do a lot of roaming around at night, so to find your way be sure to grab a flashlight or some kind of lantern. Remember, the village doesn’t allow open flames so if you bring a lantern make sure it is electric.

-A musical instrument! Students and faculty often find themselves in a position to strike a tune so if you have an instrument small enough to transport by all means bring it!  

-A costume repair kit. This can be helpful if you have a mishap or if you want to help out a fellow costumer. Safety pins, tape, needle and thread, extra spirit gum, scissors, a good ‘occulus reparo’ and swish of the wand, and glue are all helpful items you may find yourself needing.

-A drinking container. Whether it’s for carrying water around the village, or sharing a bottle with someone at the Flying Cauldron at night, you will find these items most helpful.


-If you’re interested in the paranormal, bring along your ghost hunting gear! Many of the areas in the village are said to be haunted, and sometimes we even do a late night ghost hunt as part of the programming.

-Brooms if you plan to participate in quittidch, or a spare if you have it for those who may need to borrow one.

Get Involved

-Hoggstowne loves over-achievers! Participate in as many classes and activities as you can. Raise your hand, answer questions, offer help when needed, tutor a student who needs help, impress your professors and win those house points! So study hard for those end of term exams!

-Volunteer! Hoggstowne faculty are always looking for people to help set up/clean up various events over the weekend. There is a section on your registration form to fill out if you wish to help.

-Sell your wares in the Nook and Cranny. Space is limited but the variety is amazing. Everything available is made by our attendees and caters to all your wizarding needs.

-Don your best wizarding wear! A lot of our attendees have reported the most fun they have is getting into garb and absorbing themselves into the magical world. No matter if it’s made, bought, elaborate or simple, it’s always fun to wear. If you need to know where to get a costume we have several in our group who take commissions or can offer advice on how to acquire a costume.

-If you have a song to share, or story to tell there are plenty of opportunities to ‘share with the class’.  Just let the faculty  know you have something to share. And if you want something documented be sure to check out the Rumoribus, who are always looking for contributors.

Tips For Your First Semester

-Before showing up for the semester be sure to keep up with the muggle social media sites (facebook page and website) for updates. It’s also a great way to get to know your fellow witches and wizards, both students and faculty before the event. By the time it arrives you will feel like you’ve known everyone for years!

-Don’t be shy! We at Hoggstowne like to think ourselves friendliest people you will ever meet. Though sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing or are a little shy ourselves so feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions! If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to seek out a more seasoned student, professor, or prefect, they will help you any way they can.

-Come prepared! Check out the school schedule and website beforehand so you can have an idea or what you’ll be up to or any extra events or activities you’d like to take part in(some require sign-ups prior to the event itself and can fill up). Also be sure to check the food list for the feast each night, some people have strict diets and while we try to cater to everyone sometimes it just isn’t possible. So if there is an evening you need to bring your own food please keep that in mind.

-Don’t be late! If you want to catch an event or even a meal make sure to make it in the designated time! You don’t want to lose those house points!

-Print/bring your own materials! It can be helpful to make your own schedule, print a map of the school and its surrounding areas, meal details, and other materials so you have them in hand when you arrive. Sometimes these items are limited upon check-in or if lost cannot be replaced since we cannot print on site. And don’t forget those school books and all necessities you will need for class!

-Share a dorm or a ride! If you have a long way to go or are new to the school, it can be fun to share the adventure with someone. There will be many posts on facebook closer to the event date with those offering rides and dorm shares. (Please remember, it is not up to Hoggstowne staff to sort out your room or ride situations, they just provide the form to book the room but who you decide to room with is your responsibility).

-Be prepared to do a lot of walking! Many of the classes and events are clustered together but the village is spread out. It takes a few minutes to go from one end of the village to the other, and to get to the Great Hall for nighttime activities, so wear comfortable shoes and make arrangements if need be. And keep in mind that the village at Hoggstowne is quite old so some of the pathways are loose gravel and uneven stone, so be mindful of your choice in footwear. It may also be difficult to get from one place to another or get into certain buildings if you are in a wheelchair or accessibility device, so let the faculty know so they can make recommendations if needed.

-Be considerate! If you see someone struggling with their bags offer to help, or if you need help just ask. When booking your room you may want to take into consideration your health and youth – many of the rooms are as high as three or four floors up with no elevator. So if you’re fit offer to take one of the top floors if you can. You never know who may be watching, an act of kindness can go a long way, especially if there is a professor who spies you and awards you house points for your noble deeds.

- There will be a house elf available to help with bags on Wed and Sunday.  Be sure to tip the elf and you’ll receive house points in kind.

- Don’t be the glutinous troll at dinner. Even though dinner is usually set up in buffet style, the food prep is by servings. It’s frowned upon with one tries to see how high they can pile their plate.  That extra you pile on is someone’s serving behind you. That prick you file at the back on your neck could be a sharpened wand.

Hoggstowne Orientation